10GM - A joint venture to support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Greater Manchester

Violence Reduction

We're working with The Greater Manchester Combined Authority Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) to deliver a programme of community-led approaches to violence reduction. The programme works with young people aged 10- 25 years, and their families.

The key focus of the programme is ensuring that young people and stakeholders in a chosen area come together to identify what’s going on, and what’s not happening and to develop ideas within the community for projects and activities.

The community-led approach to violence reduction means the VRU works closely with communities to understand the strengths, challenges and needs of the community and determine how local investments will be made. Several boroughs across the city region have received funding from the VRU as part of its investment in community-led programmes, outlined in Greater Manchester’s Serious Violence Action Plan.

The key priority for success is building trust with communities and acting on their
challenges and ideas. The programme works with young people aged 10- 25 years, and their families.

All ten districts of GM are now fully engaged in the programme. Via 10GM, and working with local VCSE infrastructure organisations, the VRU has recruited Violence Reduction Alliance Facilitators in each locality area that will support community engagement, co-production and sustainability aspects of the programme. To date, over 1,700 young people aged 24 and under have been reached by the programmes.

Watch the video  from GMCA below to find out more about GM's Community Led Pilots

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