10GM - A joint venture to support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Greater Manchester

Sector 3 is the charity infrastructure support network for voluntary, community and faith-based groups, social enterprises and charitable organisations in Stockport.  


Sector3 joins together community minded groups, organisations and change-makers across Stockport to support our neighbourhoods to thrive. Through their network they offer each other peer-to-peer support, advice and learning to develop and grow their collective impact across the borough.


By fostering a strong support system whereby resources, knowledge, funding and opportunities are shared, they can protect and sustain the health of our sector so that it supports our communities to thrive and not just survive.


The network is made up of individuals and groups who everyday of the year do amazing things, to feed the hungry, combat homelessness, raise money to fight cancer, care for our environment, tackle our mental health crises, promote animal welfare, and so much more.

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Page last reviewed: 24 November 2022

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