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GM VCSE Sanctuary Seekers Response Group

Greater Manchester has a proud history of welcoming people seeking sanctuary across the city region. Charities, community groups, faith organisations and social enterprises across Greater Manchester are committed to taking a collaborative approach to supporting all those fleeing persecution and adversely affected by their immigration status. We aim to provide ongoing support, resources, and information to arrivals, hosts and organisations across GM.

The GM Sanctuary Seekers community response group is for organisations across Greater Manchester who support the rights and needs of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.  

The group is currently made up of local infrastructure and service delivery organisations delivering support to sanctuary seekers in Greater Manchester. We welcome those from all sectors who have an interest in how sanctuary seekers are supported in Greater Manchester.

If you would like to be added to the group mailing list and/or attend the fortnightly online meetings, please email Milly via [email protected]

There is also a GM Sanctuary Seekers WhatsApp group for members to share recent and time-limited updates, resources, and requests. To join this group please email Molly with your telephone number.

Featured work:

Ukraine Crisis Reponse 

Find out about the ways we've supported people affected by the Ukraine Crisis in Greater Manchester.


Afghanistan Crisis Response 

Find out about the ways we've supported people affected by the Afghanistan Crisis in Greater Manchester.

The struggle for safety report

The struggle for safety: Building public support for refugees and asylum seekers, imix

This report explains imix's narrative for communicating about refugees and asylum seekers. It’s a toolkit for telling stories with purpose. In other words, stories that connect with people’s values, motivating them to welcome refugees and asylum seekers into their communities. Stories that create the conditions for policy change, and that help our sector campaign more effectively together. We invite you to use the toolkit so we can work together as one voice.

Page last reviewed: 26 July 2023

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