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Population Health

10GM is working with partners from Population Health, Primary Care Networks and the wider VCSE sector to find innovative ways of tackling health inequalities.

The term Population Health refers to measures to improve the health of a whole population. It includes the physical and mental health and wellbeing of people, while also reducing health inequalities.  

What is happening to improve Population Health in Greater Manchester? 

Greater Manchester has a strong track record of taking action to improve Population Health and tackle inequalities and is committed to doing more. Greater Manchester is in a unique position to systematically improve the health of the population due to devolution, the development of its Integrated Care Partnership, existing partnerships, and the shared boundaries with a Mayoral Combined Authority.

We know that the VCSE sector plays an important role in helping people to stay well and prevent health problems, as well as supporting those who are unwell. Addressing deep-seated inequalities requires collaboration between the NHS, localities, the VCSE sector, GM Combined Authority, research and education organisations, local businesses, and people and communities.  

What is 10GM’s role? 

10GM employs a Strategic Lead for Population Health, envisioned as a shared role between the GM VCSE sector and the GM Population health team. The role is intended to consolidate and strengthen the influence of the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester's decision-making and development of the Greater Manchester Population Health system.

Our Strategic Lead supports the Greater Manchester VCSE Population Health Group. This sub-group of the Greater Manchester VCSE leadership Group brings together VCSE leaders to update one another on best practice developments across GM, and at a local authority level, and plan how we can have an influence together. We make sure there is VCSE representation in GM strategy and policy discussions and work together to be as efficient and well-targeted as possible. 

What work are we doing? 

Population Health is one of the delivery themes under the VCSE Accord Agreement.  This is a three-way collaboration agreement between the Greater Manchester Combined Authority the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership, and the GM Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector. The purpose of this Accord is to further develop how we work together to improve outcomes for Greater Manchester’s communities and citizens.

Our work has four main delivery areas: 

Social Prescribing and Person and Community-Centred Approaches 

Our role aims to maximise the role of people and communities (including through activities such as Social Prescribing, universal and targeted wellbeing and prevention work) in order to sustain and grow preventative activity which addresses the wider social determinants of health and / or activities which support the individuals and groups who are at greatest risk of poor health.

VCSE Data, Intelligence, and Insight 

We are working to increase meaningful investment in the VCSE sector at all levels to be able to participate in generating, sharing and using business intelligence, which helps to identify and tackle health inequalities at neighbourhood, locality, and Greater Manchester level.

Developing the Greater Manchester Population Health System
We facilitate VCSE engagement in Population Health policy, systems development and commissioning of prevention programmes and shaping the conditions and characteristics of a population health 'system' at different spatial levels. Our work has a particular focus on poverty and cost of living, and protecting investment in VCSE architecture needed to sustain core VCSE delivery of population health priorities.

Tackling Inequality and Fairer Health For All

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the impact of deprivation on health outcomes for people in Greater Manchester compounded by a multitude of wider inequalities. Two reports, GM Independent Inequalities Commission report and Build Back Fairer in Greater Manchester (the ‘Marmot’ report)  sought to quantify the scale of the challenge and propose potential solutions.

The Fairer Health For All Framework (previously called the Build Back Fairer Framework) has been developed to respond to these reports and is vital to the Integrated Care Partnership's efforts to enhance health, reduce inequalities and create a greener, fairer and more prosperous city region. Our work focuses on resourcing the VCSE sector to be able to collaboratively shape and implement the Fairer Health For All Framework to address health inequalities at neighbourhood, locality and Greater Manchester levels.

How can I get involved? 

To connect to this work, get in touch with the 10GM Strategic Lead (Population Health) at [email protected].

Current Population Health work
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Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise and Primary Care Network Partnerships

As part of our Population Health work, 10GM has funded 5 partnerships to become test and learn sites to explore how the VCSE sector and GPs can build lasting relationships that help them work together to tackle health inequality.  

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Fairer Health For All 

10GM is working with GM Integrated Care Partnership to implement the Fairer Health For All Framework.

Data graphics

Data and Intelligence 

We've partnered with Data Orchard and want to hear your views on data so we can focus on what’s important to help your organisation and the sector to use data to meet the needs of people in Greater Manchester.

Page last reviewed: 24 June 2024.

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