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Changing Futures

The Changing Futures programme, led by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), is working in partnership with 10GM, and other organisations across the VCSE and statutory sector, to improve the way that local systems and services work for adults experiencing multiple disadvantage – including homelessness, drug and alcohol problems, mental ill health, domestic abuse and contact with the criminal justice system. 

About Changing Futures 
The Changing Futures programme is a £77 million initiative between the UK Government and The National Lottery Community Fund. It seeks to test innovative approaches to
improving outcomes for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. The programme is
running in 15 areas of England, including 4 in Greater Manchester, from 2021 to 2025.

The programme seeks to achieve change at three levels:


For individuals in the local areas, improving health, safety, wellbeing and access to


For services, with greater integration and collaboration across local services to
provide a person-centred approach and reduce demand on reactive services, and 


For services, with greater integration and collaboration across local services to
provide a person-centred approach and reduce demand on reactive services, and 

10GM's role in the Changing Futures Programme

10GM supports the work by strengthening partnerships, collaborations and existing initiatives in Greater Manchester. As the programme runs in 4 of the 10 areas of Greater Manchester: Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale and Wigan, 10GM is cultivating the spaces for all localities in Greater Manchester to address multiple disadvantage, collaboratively, and with a whole system mindset.

The Multiple Disadvantage eBulletin
Multiple disadvantage ebulletin

10GM puts together the quarterly GM Multiple Disadvantage eBulletin on behalf of the Changing Futures Greater Manchester Initiative. 

The eBulletin aims to increase knowledge and understanding of multiple disadvantage by showcasing some of the ways partners are seeking to respond to it, and showcases the VCSE across GM as an integral part of responding to social issues such as multiple disadvantage. You can sign up here.

Read previous issues 

In this issue, you can find out more about multiple disadvantage, take a look at what happened at the first Changing Futures Away Day, view updates from the Innovation areas, and other news.

In this issue, you’ll find out more about a few different places where people in Greater Manchester are trying to do just that. You can see how the award-winning GM Jokers have been approaching policy change, how a bunch of partners in the Manchester ‘Innovation Site’ are trying things there, how residents of Greater Manchester are telling their stories from their own perspective, and much more.

In this edition discover the untapped potential of our workforce with the BE MORE GROW! Initiative which is exploring innovative ways to create opportunities for people facing employment barriers; learn more about how Greater Manchester's Latest Devolution Deal will empower local decision-making for better community services; and read about the pilot project which aims to improve people’s experience of leaving hospital when they are facing homelessness.

In this issue: Discover what it means to be a GROW trainee, be inspired by the incredible transformation of a woman's life after her imprisonment, learn about the success of the Unseen Voices exhibition, and find out who's supporting the initiative to improve hospital discharge for those experiencing homelessness.

This bumper edition is dedicated to shining a light on social isolation, a critical issue faced by people experiencing multiple disadvantage. You'll find articles on various topics, such as:

-How a Bolton community rehab project is supporting ex-offenders affected by homelessness and substance abuse

-Is Changing Futures reaching its intended target audience?

-TJ's Reflection on his time rough-sleeping

-What can make an Olympic champion can also kill them

-Unseen Voices: An Exhibition

-GMCA and Participative Budget Design with GM System Changers

-How can services be trauma-responsive if we don't find ways to hear the voices of people who've experienced trauma in their lives?

-Live Well: A community-led approach to health and wellbeing

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Get in touch 

If you'd like to find out more about Changing Futures, or you'd like to get involved in our work, get in touch.

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