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Leadership Open Workshop Series

For all interested in VCSE Leadership.

Our Open Workshops are an opportunity to develop and deepen your understanding of key aspects of leadership and workforce development. Each workshop will feature speakers from Greater Manchester’s VCSE sector, sharing their experiences of leadership, and successes and challenges in nurturing and supporting their workforce. These workshops will provide a valuable learning space for VCSE staff; reflecting the strengths, joys and challenges of working in Greater Manchester’s VCSE sector and creating opportunities for peer learning.

Workshop #1
Personal Wellbeing and Resilience

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Workshop #2 
Leading with Values

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Workshop #3 
Building Inclusive Cultures

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Workshop #4
Using Data to Drive Decisions

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Workshop #5
Supporting VCSE Sector Workforce Wellbeing

Workshop #6
Workforce Development and Planning

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Workshop #5
Supporting VCSE Sector Workforce Wellbeing

Thursday 20 June 2024, 10:30 - 12:00, online.
How can we enhance and nurture the wellbeing of our workforce in the Greater Manchester VCSE sector?
What are some challenges faced by VCSE sector leaders in promoting workforce wellbeing?
What actions can we take to enhance workforce wellbeing when resources are limited or nonexistent?

Join our interactive workshop where two Greater Manchester-based VCSE organisations, Rochdale Connections Trust represented by Kathy Thomas, and Starts with You represented by Claire Calman, will share their experiences in supporting and enhancing staff wellbeing.

Discover strategies for involving staff in creating a wellbeing policy and integrating wellbeing practices into your organisational culture. Plus, learn about the Greater Manchester Wellbeing Toolkit and explore low or no-cost resources available to your organisation or group. 

Workshop #4: Using Data to Drive Decisions  - recording will be available soon.

How can data empower you as a VCSE leader and support your decision-making, strategic planning and relationships with commissioners and funders?
What skills development and training are needed to support your workforce to work with data confidently?
How can we shift VCSE organisational cultures so that data is seen as a key asset and resource?

This workshop will explore what we mean by data maturity and how VCSE leaders can use data effectively. Facilitated by Madeleine Spinks, Co-Chief Exec and co-founder of Data Orchard CIC, the workshop will include practical insights from Alice Mason, Chief Executive of Manchester Care and Repair on their data maturity journey. There will be time and space to reflect on your organisation’s own needs in terms of skills development and for Q&A with Madeleine and Alice. 

Workshop #3: Building Inclusive Cultures - recording will be available soon.

What does it mean to be an inclusive leader within the VCSE sector?
How can we develop anti-racist practices within our organisations that support equity, justice and liberation?
How can we create disability equity by changing attitudes and structures?

This engaging panel discussion, chaired by Mike Wild, Chief Executive of Macc, explores our role as VCSE leaders in building inclusive cultures. Mike will be joined by Hilda Bertie from Caribbean and African Health Network and Rick Burgess from Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People to discuss racial and disability equity and intersectionality, specifically focusing on leadership and workforce development. Rick and Hilda will share practical steps leaders can take, to create organisational cultures that support equity, diversity and inclusion.  

Workshop #2: Leading with Values -
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Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say 'values-based leadership' or 'leading through values'? What does being guided by your values even feel like and is it something that anyone can do? In this interactive online workshop, Jackie Le Fevre will explored these questions with the help of speakers from Greater Manchester’s VCSE sector.

Workshop #1: Personal wellbeing and Resilience as a Leader - view the recording

This workshop explored the importance of personal wellbeing and resilience for Greater Manchester VCSE leaders.

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