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GM VCSE Home from Hospital Programme

In Greater Manchester, the VCSE sector plays an important role in helping people to get home from hospital, helping them recover at home, and preventing hospital readmission. However, not everyone has equal access to the same types and levels of support.

The Home from Hospital Programme upscaled and enhanced the existing response to discharge pressures, by increasing collaborative working between the VCSE sector and hospital systems. 

10GM’s support to the Home from Hospital Programme has now concluded. The delivery of this project currently sits with the Adult Social Care Transformation Team at NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care.

VCSE Home from Hospital Services

Find out about the VCSE-led home from hospital services across Greater Manchester, and view our Best Practice Model.

VCSE Discharge Schemes over Winter 2022/23

View information about the Targeted Investment Fund, VCSE discharge fund (localities), and view case studies.

GM VCSE Hospital Discharge Alliance

Find information about providers who are working together to improve the experience of people leaving hospitals in Greater Manchester.

VCSE Home from Hospital Services


VCSE services are available across Greater Manchester to support with hospital discharges and readmissions. Find out more about the providers covering each locality.  


We have mapped the existing VCSE provision of hospital discharge and admissions avoidance services across Greater Manchester, which allowed us to better understand the needs of local communities and the gaps in current commissioning and provision. Find out more about the initial findings and next steps for this work. 


Our Home from Hospital Best Practice Model demonstrates the value of the VCSE sector in delivering home from hospital services and offers a set of practical recommendations to establish a successful home from hospital service. View it here.

VCSE Discharge Schemes over Winter 2022/23 


With funding from the Greater Manchester NHS Integrated Care, 10GM implemented a short-term VCSE Home from Hospital Targeted Investment Fund, which aimed at upscaling and enhancing the existing response to known discharge pressures by investing more into VCSE-led home from hospital and readmission avoidance support. Find out more about the Targeted Investment Fund. 


The organisations commissioned via Localities for 12 months of discharge funding have been providing invaluable support to hospital discharge teams and wards across Greater Manchester. During the first six months of the delivery of the Additional Capacity Schemes (October 2022 to April 2023), 4,096 people were supported to being discharged from hospital, of which only 343 (8.4%) were readmitted to hospital within 7 days of being discharged. To find out more about this work, please get in touch .


Through the Home from Hospital Programme, 10GM has gathered learning and evidence that demonstrate the value of the VCSE sector in delivering home from hospital provision. You can find out more about the impact of the VCSE discharge schemes delivered over Winter 2022/23 by viewing our collection of case studies. 

GM VCSE Hospital Discharge Alliance


10GM supported the GM VCSE Hospital Discharge Alliance from October 2022-2023. Originally brought together to respond to Winter hospital pressures, the work of the Alliance has been widely recognised. The Alliance works towards longer-term goals to increase the role of the VCSE sector in providing home-from-hospital services and support, influence commissioning in this space, and create opportunities for more joined-up working. Find out more about the Hospital Discharge Alliance. 

Page last reviewed: 03 October 2023

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