Recent work

10GM have long experience of delivering community co-design, consultation and resident engagement projects. As well as working as partners ourselves, we have collaborated with many other individuals and organisations to deliver projects. Recent examples include:

Women's Support Services
GM Combined Authority commissioned 10GM to seek the voice of women and women’s organisations to inform the recommissioning of services for ‘vulnerable and marginalised’, who may or may not have accessed current services in recent years and who have potentially had less opportunity to feed into consultations to date.  
GMCA defined this group as ‘women who are accessing multiple services or need to be accessing multiple services and at risk of being in contact with justice services as either a perpetrator or a victim’. 10GM worked in partnership with Flourish CIC as an impartial organisation (who don’t deliver women’s services) and have strong trusted networks across strategic, community-led and thematic groups. A clear finding of this work was that many of the themes identified by the women and women’s organisations are not new. As can be seen in the summary and reports below, retaining the trust of partners and avoiding ‘consultation fatigue’, means this report should be considered alongside the learning and recommendations of pre-existing local research and insight.

Download: 10GM Summary - Recommissioning Women's Support Services (pdf) 

Download: 10GM Report - Recomissioning Women's Support Services (pdf) 

FlourishCIC have also produced a podcast capturing the discussions around this work:  click here to listen  

Big Alcohol Conversation 

10GM in partnership with GMCVO led a significant programme of community engagement activity as part of the BAC. Following 10GM facilitated co-design workshops with the VCSE sector we recruited and funded over 75 frontline VCSE groups and organisations from across GM to deliver this work from November 2018 to the end of February 2019. This resulted in 3615 BAC surveys being completed (115% of the target) and 20 focus groups (100% of target) being run in local communities covering all GM local authority areas. 10GM administered this complex process to the deadlines set and involving liaison with a wide range of groups and stakeholders throughout. The success of our work is evidenced by the fact that our community engagement programme delivered the majority (71%) of the final total of BAC surveys completed. 

Make Smoking History
As part of the wider “Make Smoking History” (MSH) strategy, 10GM led a partnership project on behalf of the Greater Manchester Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Devolution Reference Group (GM VCSE DRG) of which both 10GM are members. Our target participants were those people less likely to be reached by the general History Makers engagement activity. From March to the end of April 2018 this VCSE partnership work delivered a total of 13 focus groups with 190 participants in total and a highly diverse sample of 1,761 individual responses to the public facing survey seeking to understand public support for Making Smoking History and for the more detailed measures in this MSH strategy such as extending smoke-free spaces or licensing tobacco retailers. Outreach to generate survey responses was supported by at least 84 different VCSE groups. Overall this work exceeded minimum targets by more than 30% and in the case of survey responses by 76%. The participants in the VCSE survey and focus groups were from diverse, marginalised and under-represented communities. 

GM Moving
During April and May 2018, 10GM led and coordinated a public engagement exercise on behalf of GM Moving to understand the positive influences and the barriers around people’s engagement in physical activity. Working through 10GM’s networks and with the GM VCSE DRG we were able to target and reach GM Moving’s three core audiences as well as provide cross cutting reach in terms of equalities. During this period we delivered 4 creative participatory engagement sessions with local groups and 15 focus groups across Greater Manchester. These were delivered by a diverse range of frontline VCSE groups and organisations and engaged 258 individuals fitting the core audiences. This exceeded targets for engagement within a very short timescale. 

10GM have extensive experience of involving a wide range of people from the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in both large scale and targeted engagement and co-design work. We favour working with a diverse range of frontline groups with specific reach into grassroots communities and our large membership base and networks enable us to do this. 10GM’s approach is collaborative enabling us to make use of established knowledge, wide relationships and trust within the VCSE sector.  

10GM bring significant added value through our intellectual capital, co-design expertise, existing engagement insight, research experience and links, established communications systems and networks, other funded projects, and our roles as trusted, independent brokers and facilitators within the VCSE sector and communities at a grassroots, local authority and GM level. 

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