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10GM have extensive experience of involving a wide range of people from the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in partnership work. 10GM’s approach is collaborative enabling us to make use of established knowledge, wide relationships and trust within the VCSE sector. We believe in working with a diverse range of frontline groups with specific reach into grassroots communities and our large membership base and networks enable us to do this. Because of this way of working, 10GM creates significant added value through our intellectual capital, co-design expertise, engagement insights, research experience and links, established communications systems and networks. We believe the key to our role is to act as catalyst and connector - as trusted, independent brokers and facilitators within the VCSE sector, within communities, at local authority and at GM level.

Below is a short introduction to each of the strands of work we are currently involved in. To find out more and to get involved, please contact us.

GM VCSE Leadership Group
10GM partners were among the founding members of this group, which acts as the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector's voice at a Greater Manchester level. 10GM contributes to all workstreams, but in particular ensuring that local voices are represented and able to shape the Leadership Group’s work. Further information on the Leadership Group can be found here:

GM VCSE Accord
The GM VCSE Accord Agreement is a three-way collaboration agreement between the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and the GM VCSE sector. 10GM has a role in co-ordinating locality engagement, supporting the GM Commissioning Framework and managing development of the Alternative Provider Federation. For more information click here.

GM Alternative Provider Federation
The Alternative Provider Federation (APF) is a new partnership of social enterprises and charitable organisations who deliver NHS services across Greater Manchester. It has formed to work creatively together to tackle health inequalities in the city region. While Greater Manchester has a strong social enterprise and charity sector providing a range of NHS and Public Health services in localities, many struggle to scale across Greater Manchester and to integrate within the wider NHS ecosystem. The Alternative Provider Federation will bring these organisations together and provide infrastructure to enable them to engage with the newly formed Greater Manchester Integrated Care System (ICS).

For more information on the APF, click here

GM Moving 
Greater Manchester Moving is GM’s movement for movement – everyone working together to positively change the lives of people across Greater Manchester through physical activity and sport. 10GM has been in partnership with GM Moving since 2018. Our role is to link the VCSE sector to this whole-system change programme and to help understand the support needed in each locality - including specific work on reducing social and health inequalities. 

Changing Futures
Changing Futures is a national central Government funded programme to provide more effective and co-ordinated support for people in our communities experiencing multiple disadvantage. 10GM and partners are bringing an active VCSE voice, coaching and supporting Innovation Sites and developing stronger partnerships to lay the ground for learning to be applied across Greater Manchester.

GM Violence Reduction Unit
The GMCA Violence Reduction Unit has commissioned 10GM to deliver a programme of work to ensure that young people and wider stakeholders in a place, work together. Delivered via Bolton CVS, this work develops place-based responses to violence affecting young people. Priority areas are identified from data and local input; building trust with communities and acting upon their challenges and ideas are key to success. More details on this work can be found here.

GM VCSE Commissioning Framework
This work is delivered by 10GM on behalf of the Greater Manchester VCSE Commissioning and Investment Group. We are working to positively influence commissioning by embedding the recommendations of the Framework within neighbourhoods, all of Greater Manchester’s 10 localities, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and the Greater Manchester Integrated Care System. Download the GM VCSE Commissioning Framework here

Healthy Start Uptake
Healthy Start is a scheme which provides coupons for vitamins and vouchers to buy £4.25 worth of fruit, vegetables and milk per week. The scheme is open to all pregnant women and to families with children aged 4yrs or under, provided that they receive one of a number of qualifying benefits and have a low income. 10GM is working in collaboration with NHS, VCSE and public sector partners to increase uptake and improve policy.

Museum Volunteering Development Programme
Working with the Museum Development UK 10GM is providing intensive support for 20 museums in the UK to review their operating models and ensure they have sustainable and responsive volunteering. We provide supportive sessions with peers, coaching, network building, training and online workshops.

Answer Cancer
Delivered by Salford CVS on behalf of 10GM, Answer Cancer is a partnership working to improve cancer awareness and increase uptake of cancer screening across Greater Manchester. We do so via grants, delivering cancer screening awareness sessions to communities less likely to take them up, supporting a network of Cancer Champions, and providing training.

Achieve BST
Achieve BST is running in Bolton, Salford and Trafford to support people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We’re working with Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, and a wider partnership. Achieve BST has made small awards to assist clients and grants for VCSE organisations to deliver local projects. It’s administered by 10GM, involving Salford CVS and Bolton CVS. Link: Achieve BST website

GM Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Network
As part of 10GM, Action Together have been developing peer support with community organisations and parents and carers of children with suspected or diagnosed Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Our role is to facilitate the GM FASD network; we also promote national events across GM and produce information resources. Find out more about the Greater Manchester FASD network.

GM Equalities Alliance
10GM attends and participates in GM=EqAl Working Group meetings to support the linking of their important work to the VCSE local infrastructure organisations across GM.  

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